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System Z5 ACTIVE


plus 4 x DNA 1000.2 HE / HE.SE

This gorgeous loudspeaker in classic Bauhaus design convinces with its very natural,
homogeneous and realistic music reproduction. It is able to transfer music into the listening
environment in an emotionally captivating and dynamically thrilling way. In spite of its living
room friendly dimensions the System Z5 reproduces real low bass most accurately, and
thus opens up the stages of this world. The perfect synergy between ASCENDO DNA
1000.2 HE and Z5 Active guarantees musical journeys beyond any kind of HiFi
Its easy adjustment to room acoustics by means of the innovative amplifier technology of
the DNA 1000.2 HE is an additional groundbreaking highlight.

  • four-way speakers
  • SASB
  • TOS
  • 4 x DNA1000.2 HE
  • 2 x 1650 Watts sinus
  • high gloss piano lacquer black + white
  • individual choice of colours on request

Individually adjustable to:

  • room acoustics on site
  • individual sound preferences
  • listening levels
  • musical genres