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System M5 ACTIVE


plus 4 x DNA 1000.2 HE / HE.SE

Like the M5S ACTIVE the ASCENDO M5 Active also excels in almost limitless micro- and macro-dynamics, coupled with a nearly inconceivable rendering of tone colours.

“Let‘s make it short: the spins at Ascendo! For anyone who builds such an infinitely “horny“ piece of loudspeaker, must smoke something special / drink etc..“, HiFi-Stars 34

There is nothing to be added - our highlight of classic design for connoisseurs and music lovers. Owing to its perfectly homogeneous sound dispersion this exceptional loudspeaker enables you to enjoy a fascinating musical experience, in room sizes from 20 to 200 square meters. Thanks to its easy adjustment to given room acoustics the ASCENDO ACTIVE system is superior to any kind of passive solution in average living rooms.

It is breathtaking how realistically this innovative ACTIVE loudspeaker system reproduces a recording location, at the same time presenting finest details in a completely natural way - no matter whether at living room levels or at dynamically uncompressed concert hall levels.

  • four-way speakers
  • SASB
  • TOS
  • 4 x DNA1000.2 HE
  • 2 x 1650 Watts sinus
  • high gloss piano lacquer black + white
  • individual choice of colours on request

Individually adjustable to:

  • room acoustics on site
  • individual sound preferences
  • listening levels
  • musical genres