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plus 4 x DNA 1000.2 HE / HE.SE

“Let‘s make it short: the spins at Ascendo! For anyone who builds such an infinitely “horny“piece of loudspeaker, must smoke something special / drink etc.“, HiFi-Stars 34

Since 1999 the ASCENDO System MS has been rated as one of the best loudspeakers worldwide. As Bernd Theis wrote in Audiophile as early as 1999: “Currently the System MS is the benchmark for the sonically and technically feasible“.
From 1999 the ASCENDO MS has been continually improved and marketed in several MK versions. The new M5S / M5S.SE ACTIVE with 2 x 1650 W sinus is the logical further development of a groundbreaking concept. Music lovers summarise the sound experience of a System M5(S) Active as follows: “Incredibly close to the sound“, virtually no longer distinguishable from the original musicians / computer samples.

Simply closer to your music!

  • four-way speakers
  • SASB
  • TOS
  • 4 x DNA1000.2 HE
  • 2 x 1650 Watts sinus
  • high gloss piano lacquer black + white
  • individual choice of colours on request

Individually adjustable to:

  • room acoustics on site
  • individual sound preferences
  • listening levels
  • musical genres