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These elegant TOS columns bring about a wonderfully airy and three-dimensional sound image in any system configuration. Single tones decay noticeably longer and more extendedly, the spatial impression is rendered more authentic. Beyond that TOS allows for three-dimensional listening off the sweet spot.

In over-damped, lifeless sounding rooms the TOS effect generates a live atmosphere often lacking. Since the TOS columns add defined acoustic energy to the system of speaker / room, the TOS effect cannot simply be achieved by the installation of higher-grade components (CD-player, amplifier, cables etc.).

The TOS columns, with their massive polished stainless steel parts and true piano lacquer finish, are either placed behind or next to the main speakers. Even in combination with dipole / electrostatic, or conventional loudspeakers which incorporate rear-firing tweeters, the TOS columns considerably improve the sound of the whole system.

The TOS columns are available as a TOS MKIII or - for a non-compromise state-of-the-art system - a TOS MKIII SE version.