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System M5

The System M5 is an outstanding loudspeaker. The way its high-performance drivers play coherently, absolutely seamlessly and synchronously, is virtually intoxicating. Equipped with the patented SASB bass / midrange system and one of the best bass drivers in the world their low-level reproduction is in a class of its own. Its large magnetostatic tweeter is perfected elaborately to meet the demands of an ideal speaker. The resulting treble quality is setting standards. The System-M-version´s modular design with fully separated and effectively decoupled bass / midrange and treble units results in a superior detail resolution across the whole frequency range and in a perfect time response. Response behaviour and transparency are in addition enhanced significantly by the ASCENDO-C floor decoupling.

Owing to its perfectly homogeneous sound radiation this exceptional speaker allows you to enjoy a fascinating musical experience from room sizes of 20 to up to 200 square meters.

It is breathtaking how realistically this exceptional speaker reproduces the recording venue, and how it presents even minutest details in a natural way - at both moderate domestic as well as concert-like volume levels.

Make an appointment with your dealer for an individual listening test! Numerous international awards and excellent test results worldwide underline the superior sound characteristics of System M5.

  • Authentic, live-like music reproduction
  • Minutest musical resolution from the lowest octave upwards
  • Elaborate modular construction
  • Perfect decoupling from room
  • Amplifier- and room-adjustment to a defined degree
  • Selected and matched components of the highest quality
  • Real piano lacquer
  • Individual finishes, matching your home environment
  • Development and production in Ansbach, Germany
  • Comprehensive warranty - can vary depending on country.

System M5 offers a choice of various upgrade stages: from M5, also with integrated TOS unit (new from 2016) to the SE version or the custom-made Ultra-High-End solution with hard-wired crossovers and extreme interior wiring. Your competent ASCENDO dealer will be happy to provide you with detailed information.

You are a proud owner of an excellent, but somewhat dated, System MF and want to enjoy daily at your home the unique overall performance of the current M5 - make use of our Update-Service! A complete upgrade of your speaker is possible.