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Coax D9

Our D9 has extraordinary qualities. Endowed with ASCENDO´s most recent patented and extremely advanced technology, the Coax point source driver and four additional high-performance drivers, it plays wonderfully homogeneously, musically and, at the same time, tremendously dynamically and punchy. Standards are also set by the depth and incredibly high resolution with which this stunning loudspeaker reproduces low frequencies, and by the transparency that lets minutest details be heard even in the most complex musical passages.

Its outstanding spatial reproduction mirrors to the utmost degree the reality of the recording. Assisted by the rearward double-TOS unit the transient oscillation of sounds is perceived significantly faster, and their decay considerably longer.

The sound image is rendered more authentic. This absolutely uncompromising loudspeaker, which excels in all respects, will fascinate you and cast a spell over you.