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With its fully-active, DSP controlled and network-compatible SMSG 15 subwoofer ASCENDO has landed a coup. Few moments suffice to realize why, with its SMSG 15 subwoofer, ASCENDO has further improved on exclusively highly advanced technologies from the professional sector. This exceptional subwoofer projects even the deepest bass tones into the room, and this with breathtaking speed and dynamics. It thus recommends itself as the perfect add-on for even the most ambitious audio and cinema applications.

The Reference Subwoofer of the Home Cinema Magazine

The very user-friendly control of this sub - fitted with only the best components - is browser-based, and can be configured with any kind of computer, smartphone, tablet or operating system. To this end you even need not install a particular software or app.

The compact and efficient SMSG 15 subwoofer has a custom-made 15“ Neodymium driver with extremely low distortion. A phenomenal 36 mm linear stroke is responsible for the outstanding dynamics and enormously punchy and fast sub-bass.

The high-grade cabinet is multiply braced and has a 5 cm strong baffle. The sub´s cuttingedge electronics is housed in a hermetically sealed inner casing.

Like all loudspeakers of the CCRM- and SMS-series the SMSG 15 is freely combinable and suited ideally to the future-oriented 3D audio formats Dolby Atmos, Auro-3D and DTS:X.