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This beautiful designed speaker combines highest component quality and highest manufacturing standards of the world‘s best highend loudspeakers with the superior responsiveness and dynamic performance of the highest quality drivers from in the professional audio segment.

The constructional effort flowed into this speaker model is enormous. Its 24-kg and 30-cm super-coax one point source and its extremely fast custom-made 40 cm bass driver, playing down to the lowest tones and manufactured to the highest highend quality standards, belong to the very best that the markets of the world have to offer.Both drivers are installed to a solidly constructed, extremely stiffened and effectively vibration-damped closed cabinet. The state-of-theart ASCENDO Speaker Management electronics are housed in an electromagneticallyshielded steel plinth. As is usual with the finest quality high-end-systems, each coax one point source and each woofer have their own autonomous, completely separate amplifier units in best sounding monoblock design.

The four amplifier blocks allow the superb combination of vertically and horizontally arranged bi-amping modes. Thus, even the deepest lows do not affect the outstanding performance quality of the mid-high coax driver, even at enormous volume levels. The LIVE 15 redefines bass performance to a completely new level.The ASCENDO Speaker Management Technologyenables the direct, unbuffered connection of coax and bass drivers to their 650 W respectively 1000 W RMS powered amplifier units, thus bringing resolution and detail of the music to a new sonic reference level, up to now unprecedented in this form by any conventional technology.

Thanks to the integrated room measurement functions, you can experience this excitement and the absolute joy of listening to music even under the most difficult spatial conditions. Glass walls or scanty furnishings no longer represent a room acoustical problem.In every respect, the LIVE 15 entices from the outset. And it’s precisely this kind of performance that casts a spell on the listener instantly and without any limitations. The holographic imaging quality of the coax one point source is accompanied by the highest level of musicality and balance, paired to fabulous dynamicsand breathtaking resolution. The extremely responsive LIVE 15 immediately amazes and excites.

The LIVE 15 is not only exceptional –it’s exceptionally good.

  • design and power;  fully active with 2 x 1650 W sinus
  • 40 cm woofer
  • 30 cm Coax driver
  • switchable between Cinema and High End stereo mode
  • superior in Cinema mode as  2 x Sub and Left + Right 
  • 3 channel DSP controlled
  • digital correction of room acoustics
  • analogue and digital inputs
  • AVB network compatible
  • LED ambience light