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The Ideal Loudspeaker

For two decades ASCENDO has been researching on the “ideal“ loudspeaker. This research includes in particular the field of sound production, sound propagation and sound perception.

It has always been and still is, crucial to our survival to hear:
The timing of sound signals is particularly important, because our auditory sense locates the direction of a sound by means of the interaural time difference between the left and right ears.

Furthermore our auditory sense reacts very sensitively to minutest level changes, but not to absolute levels.

With 120 dB the dynamic range of our auditory sense is surprisingly wide.

We can perceive minute sounds like the fall of a pin, but also extremely loud noises like the take-off of a jetplane.


ASCENDO´s subwoofers SUB1-S / S.SE ACTIVE have been systematically developed for ultimate signal integrity.